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Our company was founded in 2010, close to Qingdao port.The main raw materials of our products are produced with imported equipment.All products are in strict accordance with the iso9001:2015 quality system requirements for safe production. Our company was established in March 2010, and factory located in Lingang Industrial zone, Qingdao city, Shandong province , Close to the port of Qingdao.
We specialize in the production of non-woven fabric products,inclue:NONWOVEN COVERALL,LAB COAT ,CAP,NONWOVEN PANTY,SHOES and other disposable non-woven fabric products.

Our products have 8 series(500,1000,2000,2500,4000,4500,5000,8000)Each series has a different protective effect on users.Our products can be selected according to different working environments.
The main raw material of our products is produced by imported equipment,has good air permeability, waterproof and permeability.Widely used in agricultural and animal husbandry production, industrial protection, medical, health and epidemic prevention and other fields.

All products are safe in production in strict accordance with the requirements of iso 9001 / 2015 quality system.

Our products:

500 Series
Protective clothing with strong antifouling and air permeability,light, economic and practical type

Application areas:
General dust protection operation
Equipment maintenance and cleaning services

1000 Series
Thickened spunbonded fabrics have stronger antifouling and air permeability.

Application areas:
Construction business
Auto repair and decoration
Food and drug production

2000 Series
Strong antistatic treatment of dustproof and particle permeability
Double head bidirectional zipper
Threaded cuff on the wrist.